Moseying a Little Farther Down the Path

We’ve moved, Hubby and I.  After being at Little Church Around the Corner for five years, the call came for reappointment.  What a shock!  Neither asked for a move, but the Bishop, Cabinet and – most importantly, God – had other plans.  We’ve moved to the shores of one of the Great Sinkholes.  We’re very near to two of our children.  We live in a rural area populated by farmers and folks-of-the-land.  In spite of the shock of the call, homesickness for LCAC and my old church family and stress of the move, it’s good.

I’m serving a Charge of two smaller churches. comparable to each other in size.  The pastor I’ve followed has been a good friend and colleague for over 20 years.  He was here for quite a while so there is a lot of grieving and “getting to know all about you” going on.  We’re trying to give each other some space.

This will be different. I haven’t served a multi-point charge in years.  But, it’s good.

Let the journey continue.


About moseyingthrough

Self. Spouse. Mother. Nana. Clergy. Pastor. Progressive. Feminist. Child of God. That about sums it up.
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