Heretic: You Have Got to Be Kidding Me

Update:  It seemsMr. Fella is making the rounds of the church folk, trying to solicit sympathy and support for his cause.  I guess the ‘misunderstanding’ had to do with something about the “Second Work of Grace,” aka “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.”  I honestly do not recollect this conversation, but evidently he proclaiming me a heretic because I don’t have the same beliefs as he.  He’s even consulted “three other pastors” and have gotten their written opinions as to my heresy that he’s showing around.

You have got to be kidding me.  I’m pretty sure this guy has a undiagnosed Personality Disorder, but really???  For someone who does not want to make a commitment to the church?

I know he’s made the rounds of all Small Town’s churches and has left (by choice or by being asked to leave), but really?  What’s the common denominator here?

I’m sticking to my guns.  I’ve been here five years.  He and his family left before my arrival.  If folks don’t know me and trust me by now and if they have memory loss from the last mess he made when he left, so be it.


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Self. Spouse. Mother. Nana. Clergy. Pastor. Progressive. Feminist. Child of God. That about sums it up.
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One Response to Heretic: You Have Got to Be Kidding Me

  1. I’ve noticed many times that “the Lord laid it upon my heart to…..” often really means “This is what I want to do, so shut up and get out of my way.”

    Good luck with this; your friend seems quite determined.

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