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Heretic: You Have Got to Be Kidding Me

Update:  It seemsMr. Fella is making the rounds of the church folk, trying to solicit sympathy and support for his cause.  I guess the ‘misunderstanding’ had to do with something about the “Second Work of Grace,” aka “The Baptism of … Continue reading

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Negotiating with Terrorists

Dilemma.  Pressure.  Wrestling.  Discernment.   Those words accurately describe the past three weeks. There is this fellow and his family who have recently “come back” to the church I pastor.  He and his wife grew up, were loved and nurtured and … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Wish …

… I could get in the car and just drive and keep on going, without a care in the world. Away from people, situations, circumstances to a place where there is only simplicity and peace … … and me, just … Continue reading

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