Utter Sadness

This is what the Lord says:

“Stand at the crossroads and look;

ask for the ancient paths,

ask where the good way is, and walk in it,

and you will find rest for your souls.

But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

I appointed watchers over you and said:

‘Listen to the sound of the trumpet!’

But you said, ‘We will not listen.’

What do I care about incense from Sheba

or sweet calamus from a distant land?

Your burnt offerings are not acceptable;

your sacrifices do not please me.

Therefore, this is what the Lord says:

“I will put obstacles before this people,

Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters alike will stumble over them;

Neighbors and friends will perish.”

Jeremiah 6:16-17, 20

Why is it, that when people do not want change in the church, they contrive to bring everyone else down with them?  That’s a rhetorical question, BTW.  I am well-versed in Systems Theory.

I am so incredibly sad today.  It seems that Little Church Around the Corner would rather choose death than life.  It is more about “the facility” – the wear and tear that comes with usage; and, the “irreverence shown to the House of God” than it is about people, needs and ministry.

They have chosen death.  My heart is broken.  I will faithfully carry out my pastoral duties of Word and Sacrament and visitation while I’m here, but the work of ministry and leadership will need to be done by someone else.  I cannot keep doing this to myself.




About moseyingthrough

Self. Spouse. Mother. Nana. Clergy. Pastor. Progressive. Feminist. Child of God. That about sums it up.
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