Can You Repeat That? I’m Not Sure I Got It the First Time.

Last Sunday was an exercise in frustration.  Neither Power Point worship was on the UBS drive (What was the Church Secretary doing all week?).  Add to that the Scripture Lesson nor the Advent Candle reading was in the bulletin.  She had made copies of each for our early service, but did not put them in for the later worship.  (Again, what WAS she doing?  Come to think of it, every time I went into the church office, she was out in the kitchen visiting with the Day Care staff.  Sigh.

We had to bring in hymnals from the sanctuary for our early CONTEMPORARY (important word!) Worship.  Afterwards, one of the regular attenders (who is older) came up to me and said that we need to sing more from the hymnal because he really misses it.  Um, huh?  This is a CONTEMPORARY worship, we usually sing the new stuff.  If you want the old stuff, attend the second service, which is at 11 AM.  You will not get out at 9:30, but you can sing out of the hymnal.

We use a woodburning insert to help the church with the heating bills.  Their responsibility:  Procure and cut the wood.  My gifts:  Paying the $200 to get the chimney cleaned and stacking the wood in our basement after they’ve cut it and chucked it in.  Last year there was a disagreement over how BIG to cut the pieces.  The 18 inchers won out.  The insert is 16″ X 12.”  A lot of the wood didn’t fit and we burned everything that did.  They didn’t get any wood for this year and Hubs and I aren’t burning what we don’t have.  After church on Sunday, the Trustees asked if they could get into the basement to cut the wood.  IN THE BASEMENT?  I just cleaned, steamed, mopped, washed, dusted and decorated the house for Christmas AND YOU WANT TO DO WHAT?????

Oi.  Lord have mercy!


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Self. Spouse. Mother. Nana. Clergy. Pastor. Progressive. Feminist. Child of God. That about sums it up.
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