Friday Five: Moving Towards Resurrection

Singing Owl writes:

Though I am from a non-liturgical denomination, I find myself longing for some of the expressins others of you may experience at this time of year. The same thing happens to me during Advent.  At both times I am drawn to the synmbolism of darkness becomming light, of longing  turning to joy. One of my favorite thngs at this time of year used to be draping the wooden cross at the rear of our sanctuary with a dark purple velvet cloth and adding a crown of (ouch!) thorns–and what a lovely thing it was to see that same cross on Easter Sunday morning, draped in glowing white with a golden, jewel-studded crown added.  Not being a pastor this year, I am missing some of the symnbolism I always tried to employ.  I may find a nearby Episcopalian or Lutheran congregation to visit at some point, acually. 

Meanwhile, today I am askig for your thoughts on that movement from darkness to light.  Tell us five ways in which you are anticiping, or your life is moving towards light, joy, hope–new things:  new ideas,  new hobbies, new people…and so on.
I don’t have five specific things.  It’s more like  Lent … a season.
Part of my spiritual malaise, I think, is the fact my husband and I have been discussing our next season of life.  He will be able to retire in another nine years, while I still have another twelve years to go.  It’s time to get our ducks in a row.
He’s planning on continuing to pastor part-time in retirement.  I, on the other hand, have decided that once I retire, I will be retired.  That doesn’t mean I may not seek other employment, I will not pastor.  Hubby just doesn’t understand.  And I’m OK with that.
I am amazed and grateful for where the Spirit is leading me right now.  While I still enjoy being a local church pastor, I’m finding a great contentment in resourcing and writing.  I’ve always been a student (listening and obeying the Spirit where she has directed me to go) and now I am beginning to see where all that seemlessly unconnected reading, research and experience is leading.   That is exciting to me.
And while I struggle through this time of darkness in my soul, I am progressing toward the light.  That’s what this Lenten season has done for me.

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Self. Spouse. Mother. Nana. Clergy. Pastor. Progressive. Feminist. Child of God. That about sums it up.
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