RevGalBlogPal Friday Five: December Survival Guide Edition

kathyrnzj writes:

Whether a RevGal or a Pal most of us in this cyber community have enhanced responsibilities during this time of year. We also have traditions – religious and secular – that mark the season for us in a more personal way.

For this Friday Five please let us know five of the things that mark the season for you.

And the bonus? Tell us one thing that does absolutely nothing for you.

1.  Lighting the first fire of the season in the fireplace.  I love a wood fire!  We burn wood as our primary heat source and I love soaking up the heat.  My three cats lollygag in front of the fire like they’re stretching out in a sunbeam.


2.  Celebrating the first snow of the season.  We live in an area that gets Lake Effect Snow off the Great Lakes.  I love sitting at our dining room table while I’m writing and watching the snowflakes swirl down.


3.  Deer Season. I’m not a hunter and I feel saddened when one of my family members shoots a deer.  But, we use the venison and know that the deer population in our area needs managed.  Otherwise, the land would not support an overpopulated herd.  I HATE seeing deer killed on the road, but I especially abhor seeing a starving animal.  The first day of deer season means decorating because Hubby is out male-bonding with our son.  And I get to mother my grown-up son because he’s at home with us for a few days.


4.  The Feast Day of St. Nicholas on December 6th.  I grew up in a town where most of the folks (excluding me) were 2nd generation German-Americans.  My lineage is Dutch (close enough).  We celebrated St. Nicholas day by putting out our shoes before we went to bed on Dec. 5th.  If we were good, St. Nicklas & his helper, Belschnikle (Krampus) would fill our shoes with sweets.  If we had been naughty, we would get wood ashes.  Sort of a pre-Christmas wake-up call.  Hubby (who is a 2nd generation German American) and I continued the tradition with our kids.  One year, our son was being a terror.  He got sweets in one shoe and a ziploc bag of wood ash in the other.  After sizing up the situation, our 6 year son peered up at us and said, “I guess this means there’s room for improvement.”


5.  The arrival of the first Christmas card.  I love hearing from long-distance relatives and friends and look forward to sitting down with a cuppa and reading their notes and missives.


And the tradition I can do without:  Black Friday Shopping.  Our daughter-in-love and her mama live for Black Friday.  They leave early, early, early and shop all day!  Not me.  I don’t even like Christmas shopping with Hubby (or without him).  My druthers would be on-line and far away from the maddening crowds.


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